Food labelling

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Pre-packed products are any food that has been put into packaging before being placed for sale. This includes products that are ready for sale and either fully or partly enclosed by packaging, or that cannot be altered without opening or changing the packaging. Pre-packed direct sale products are foods that are prepared on the same premises where they are packed and sold. This would include sandwiches, pies or cakes made and sold on the same premises. Before Natasha's Law came to place in October 2021, the only food that was pre-packaged was required to list all the ingredients and allergens. But now labelling laws are required for both pre-packaged and direct sale, and pre-packed foods to be labelled listing all the ingredients with any of the 14 allergens clearly emphasized on the label. Food that is sold as free from, gluten-free or vegan must be strictly controlled. This includes the ingredients, handling and preparation. A free from claim must guarantee that the food is suitable for anyone with an intolerance or allergy. Products that do not contain allergens, but are possibly cross-contaminated, often contain warnings such as, may contain traces of wheat or made in a factory handling nuts. These should never be labelled as free from and should be avoided by people with allergies or intolerances.