Hidden Ingredients

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Many foods contain ingredients that you might not necessarily associate with them. For example, chips are often coated with wheat flour to make them more crispy and it is not unknown for restaurants to add egg to mashed potatoes. Sauces added to dishes can also be a problem for people with allergies. For example, Worcestershire sauce is often added to improve the flavour of shepherd's pie and this contains malt vinegar from barley and anchovies. Soy sauce is often used to flavour food and contains gluten, while Hoisin sauce contains soya, gluten and sesame. Tree nuts are widely used in many foods and are commonly used in Asian, Chinese, Indian, Vietnamese and Thai cuisine. Gluten-free foods often contain almond meal. Consideration should always be taken with marinated meats. Sauces are often used to flavour meat prior to cooking. Chicken is sometimes marinated in butter, which is a big risk to individuals with an allergy to dairy products.